Here is Your Complete System To Own Modern Website, Win More Clients With It It & Position As A Global Brand

With this package, you'll NEVER have to get worry about how people will find you online & hire you

The ProCoaches Website Package is an all-In-one offer to give personal brands all the tools they need to establish a formidable online presence.  If you don’t have a website, you’re still playing local.

This is for you if...

You don’t have a personal and professional web presence that elevates you from a local player to a global player inmmediately.

You don’t have a one-stop shop for your books or services, so that people can read the details and purchase directly, without bombarding you with questions

You want to establish credibility before your target audience and not appear a a fraud.

You don’t have one platform where all your valuable knowledge (videos, articles, eBook) can be accessed.

Now You Can Own A Personal Global Standard Website….With Much More Ease & Way More Fun 🕺💃🏽

Hey there, We're Prolaunch👋🏼

We specialize in helping personal and corporate brand create digital footprints and campaigns that promote their brand, get them more clients. In the last 2 years, we’ve build professional websites for over 10 brands, and you can click each of the image on this page to see them.

Everything we have packaged for the first 5 people

1. Full 5 Page Website

There are 5 most important pages you need on a professional website – Home, About Us, Services, Blog and Contact. We’ve give you these pages. It also comes with 1 year hosting and upto 100 customized emails.

2. Online Store

We’ll create an online store for you to display 5 of your best products with a fully functional online payment system.

And then we added these free limited time bonuses

3. Clean Media Kit

When you’re invite to speak or make any media appearance, you need a page where the hosts can find your bio, professional pictures, logo and key details about your brand. We’ll create this page for you.

4. Professional Speaker Page

Public speaking is a necessity for a coach or consultant. But how do you sell this service in one shot. We’ll create a professional speaking page that captures your best topics, previous appearances and where event hosts can book you.

5. 1 minute Website Trailer

Tell the story of your brand website in a one minute video.


What the payment plan?

It’s two part payments of N50,000 before start, and N30,000 within 7 days of completion

How long before the website is ready?

Between 30 to 40 working days, starting from the first day of payment.