Book Marketing Service

We Deliver Scalable Book Marketing Campaign For Authors

We Have Been Involved In Over N20 Million+ ($53k) Worth Of Book Sales Through Our 10X Book Marketing Formula






“It was an amazing experience. You know how you do the work and just hand it to someone…that’s what i did with Richard & Prolaunch Synergy…In two weeks of pre-order, we were able to sell over 130 copies”. MARYBETH CHIMA Founder, Parenting Through Mentorship

The problem

You don't want to just publish a book, you want to sell multiple copies

We are a brand-building book marketing & publishing service. Which means that we don’t just focus on publishing and selling more books, but to deliver a scalable business leveraging your book

When was the last time you sold more than a book copy at once. We ensure that our marketing campaign is automated in a way that your book keeps selling even after working with us.

When was the last time you got new mailing list subscribers or Facebook group members so that you’re not just marketing your book, but building a strong community of followers.

When was the last time you did marketing that went viral, so much that you got a lot of attention and positioning as an authority in your industry

Is It Really Worth It For You To Be Managing Your Book Campaign & Team...Yourself?

You don’t want to just print or publish a book, you want to build an authority brand

Just to get started, you need to hire a digital marketing expert and graphic design.

  • Average digital marketer fee – N50,000/month
  • Average graphic designer – N10,000/hour


And this is excluding the cost video production, amazon KDP submission, book formatting, book editing etc. You’ll need to hire all these skills

The Solution

Save time, and money by outsourcing your book marketing campaign to a team that has done it with many other clients.

“I had launched 2 books previously and didn’t really make much sales before launch. Asides that, I had to follow up with graphic designers editor and that was an extra stress for me added to writing.

I immediately decided to work with prolaunch to take the stress of the other jobs and help me focus on writing and connecting with my audience so the sales will come in seamlessly.

Working with Prolaunch to launch my two new books was really an amazing experience. I loved the timely deliveries, the professionalism, the automation of everything, having my printed copies before launch date even in the midst of the pandemic
I loved that my opinion was heard loud and clear… I would paint a picture of what I wanted and Prolaunch would bring it to life…”

Relationship & Marriage Coach

Book Launch Plan

You’ve written a book, now’s the time set it up for success with an actual step-sy-step plan. We’ll create that for you

Facebook Ads Set Up

You’ll have our Facebook Ads team deploying our unique strategy to reach your target audience and generate more sales.

Book Cover Design

Get a custom book cover design from our professional designers

Book Landing Page

We give your book a unique landing page where you can receive payments, collect details of your audience and give more compelling information about you book.

Video Trailer

Book video trailers give more visual appeal. You’ll get one so beautiful and irresistible.

Launch Team leadership

We’ll guide you to recruit a team of friend, colleagues and followers to help you generate buzz and sale more books.

Content Creation

Copy-Edit-Paste content for you and your team to post on social media during the time of the launch

and much more

  1. Graphic designs
  2. Email Automation and set up
  3. Book distribution etc.


What we charge for any paid advertising is the cost of setting up. The cost that goes to the advertising platform is covered by the client. It’s important to note that paid advertising is the major avenue to build your audience and promote the book, so the higher your budget, the better.

We typically advice virtual book launch, over a Zoom meeting or any other online platform, because it’s cheaper and more convenient to host. That’s not to say you can’t do a face to face meeting. Our fees does not include costs of hosting an event, whether virtual or physical. We only guide and advice on it.

It’s easier to make projections when we’ve started working at least 6 months before now. In any case, the market standard is to expect between 1-3% of your audience to buy. What we do is to give more targeted and persuasive visibility, guide, build momentum, relieve you of overwhelm and build assets you can grow your brand with (e.g. Email list or Facebook group, media features), leveraging your book. Book marketing is about a SIZABLE NURTURED AUDIENCE. 

Sales has variables that doesn’t entirely depend on our work. E.g. Book title, cover design, brand equity, volume of audience, economic conditions.

You make your money from what you sell to your built audience during or after the launch. For example, you can create a $200 program, or a $49 online course and sell to the audience we’ll build. One way to sell it is to GIFT all the book buyers a free 30 minutes consultation, then upsell them on the higher priced program. When you do not have a huge ideal audience (at least 5k followers or members across all platforms), your focus should be how to create higher priced offers and sell to the new audience we’re building.

Typically, 6 weeks. We’ll use for weeks to prepare materials and build your audience, and two weeks to run pre-order campaign.

 Yes we could. It’s not a guarantee as it’s not part of what you’re paying for.

No we do not, but can recommend companies or methods for it. We only manage distribution for our publishing clients during the pre-order period.

The launch team will be made up of your friends, colleagues or followers who are interested in volunteering to promote your book. We’ll help you assemble them to a platform, provide promotional materials and lead them.