How to Choose A Sales-Generating Title For Your Book

Writing, publishing, and marketing a book is not a task that comes without a cost. One of the biggest fears of authors is for their books to be published and it doesn’t reach the desired readers.

You might have wondered about the chances your book has to stand out and generate more sales amid other related books on the internet/bookstore.

For your book to stand out, you need to have an attention-grabbing sales-generating book title.

Despite the cliche “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, the next important factor that moves people to buy a book, after the book cover, is the Title.

Once your cover design gets their attention, your book title answers the question – is this book for me?


Here are a few tips that will help you choose a book title that sells



Every book has its particular audience and each audience has its unique characteristics. You must listen to the language of your audience to know the familiar terms they often use when communicating or expressing their pain & satisfaction. The inclusion of such terminology in your book title would cause it to resonate with your audience easily.

For a Christian religious book, this might include words like revival, fellowship, Apostolic, intercession

For a Digital Marketing book: Lead, Funnel, Traffic, Content, conversion, etc



We have developed the types of book titles, and you should take them into consideration

  1. Disruptive Titles

Here you are going against conventional knowledge by using words that conflict with the usual thought flow of people.


      b. Aspirational Titles:

This type of book title helps your audience to visualize a desired result or specific outcome that is meaningful and resonates with their desires.


      c. Number Base Titles

The use of numbers has been a strategic tool in driving home a point. Sharing a specific number of points or ideas about your book in your title helps command the attention of your potential audience.


      d. “How-To” Titles

Every day, millions of individuals visit search engine sites like google & YouTube in search of solutions by clicking “How to…”.

This form of headline (How-To) gives your potential audience an instant idea of the value they would be getting by reading your book.


      e. Ironic Titles

Here you are making meaning out of something that is supposed to be contrary or different.


      f. Advice Titles

Here your book title sounds like a bit of advice, which involves the suggestion of a certain action to your audience.


      g. Word Play Titles

Here you are combining two words or more to make one word that is still meaningful and then use that for your title.



In picking a title for a book, most people tend to be conservative & diplomatic; playing within the box. Creating an attention-grabbing title would require you to cross the boundaries of the norm and get you to make bold claims with your book title. Marketing is about getting attention even with a disruptive approach. This requires you to be courageous and bold even in picking your book title.



We will always be faced with the challenge of having multiple choices, but seeking the help of others by getting to hear their opinion is a great way to help us come up with the best choice.

The internet has given us the privilege to leverage online communities on our personal accounts, pages, groups, etc.

You can forward your different book titles to your audience for them to decide via a poll.

This would also serve as a marketing stunt that would drive more engagement and increase the anticipation for the book launch.

The importance of having an attention-grabbing book title cannot be overemphasized as it determines if your book would be read or skipped over.

If you need attention-grabbing sales-generating book titles, you book a strategy session with us and we would help you not just to create a book title, but also a marketing plan for your book.

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