Richard Okere Jr. | The KingMaker

Richard Okere Jr. AKA The KingMaker, is the Creative Director of Prolaunch Synergy, a book publishing, and marketing company that has published and sold over 20,000 books for her clients worldwide. He has a passion for seeing African authors succeed and thrive with their books globally by building their own platforms

He is the founder of the fast-growing community – African Authors Going Global, where he, alongside other individuals, provides knowledge and opportunities for authors to become more relevant and profit from their craft.

Featured in:

Creator, The Celebrity Author System

He is a member of the prestigious Business Study Group

Richard certified Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner from The Academy Of Applied Psychology, Scotland, and a certified Fear Mastery Coach with Dayo Samuel Research Multiversity.

He is also a business development and marketing strategist specializing in helping personal and corporate brands with solutions to turn their ideas, message, or expertise into profitable global businesses. He is the creator of the Territorial Domination Framework and has offered this system via consulting & coaching to companies in The United Kingdom, United States, Poland, Guatemala, and various parts of Nigeria.

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