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  1. How to breakdown and test the many ideas you have to arrive at the ideal business for you.

  2. How to create a product/service that people will always pay for.

  3. Strategies to ensure that your business becomes a profitable venture

  4. How to generate a business that you will not struggle to build because it is focused on your area of strength

  5. How to select a business idea that suits your personality

  6. Lots more

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This book practically provides a clear guide to budding entrepreneurs in addressing the challenges faced by modern day entrepreneurs in an age where entrepreneurship seems to be the next big achievement. The author has carefully analyzed in simple steps, the road map to profitable entrepreneurial ventures and also offered practical solutions that can be easily understood and implemented.

Chibuzo Barth – Akaba (PHD) Life & Business Coach

Moving from Idea to Profit is easy to read, practical, directional (without being dogmatic) and refreshingly insightful. Too often, how-to books on business like this dwell chiefly on the quantitative and technical issues. Amarachi creates a very valuable balance.

Benjamin Dike
Project Director, Joshua Leadership Project
Managing Partner, Cedars and Coleman Limited
Lagos – NIGERIA International


I love how Amarachi presented the invaluable tips in this book in very clear and simple language. Whether you are in a quest for new business ideas or you need to make a shift in your current business; whether you are just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey or you are a seasoned player in the world of business, this book will challenge you to rethink the way you do business and inspire you to take the necessary steps to make the shift that will drive you to higher performance and profit.

Kate Onakomaiya Executive Director, The John Maxwell Team Lead Coach, Exponential Growth Academy

Mrs Amarachi Stanley Duru is a very pragmatic Teacher and Trained Trainer. How she is able to amazingly use real life’s experiences to communicate specific learning intent in a relatable fashion for persons of all classes demonstrates her uniqueness and one of the most fascinating sterling qualities which is her unique selling point. I have no doubt about the value this resource would add to every reader.

Harvey Onephrojire
International Director
Christain Youth Fellowship international.



ORDER OFFLINE: Pay into Amarachi Stanley-Duru, 0034040439, Access bank. After payment, send proof to 08182765446


Amarachi is an experienced business professional with a demonstrated history of working in the banking industry. Experienced in Personal Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Sales, Relationship Management, Credit Practice and Risk Management. A Business Growth & Development Expert, digital skills trainer, trained on the United Nations Development & Hewlett-Packard (UNIDO- HPLIFE) Entrepreneurship and Business Systems project, Certificate in Women Entrepreneurship by Cornell University in partnership with Bank of America Institute.

She offers training on the use of Business Systems to develop strategy and build sustainable businesses. She is the Founder of the Small Business Workshop. A project she founded focused on providing training, advisory and consulting services to small businesses.

Amarachi is the author of the book moving From Idea to Profit, Your First Steps to Starting Your Own Business. This book is the first book every aspiring entrepreneur should read before he proceeds to launch any business idea. She volunteers as Lead, Training & Leadership Development on The Joshua Leadership Project and as a Facilitator on The John Maxwell Global Youth Initiative (JMTGYI). A Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer of the John Maxwell Team, she works with individuals to help them improve productivity and achieve personal goals. Contributes to the development of organization and business strategy for small businesses, through her signature programs The Business Planning Bootcamp, Personal and Business Finance Coaching.