Flushfat 1-1 Coaching Program

FlushFatâ„¢ teaches you how to literally eat your favourite foods, how to not engage in bone breaking exercises and achieve your body goals. I have helped over 200 women achieve their weight goals and I can help you too. Lose at least 20 kg in 91 days!

30 Days Customized Meal Plan (PDF)

The 30 days ORS customized meal plan relieves you of all the unnecessary guess works that has kept you from reaching your goal.

Here, we help you determine the exact about of calories you need to consume daily to successfully lose weight and reach your goal without restricting what you eat.

100 Nigerian Meals & Their Calorie Content (PDF)

Weight Management is all about CALORIES and for a successful weightloss, you must know how to calculate your calorie consumption.

This book details 100 Nigerian foods and their calorie content. This will help you take measurements better in your weight loss journey.

7 Days Detox Plan (PDF)

One of the important steps to losing weight successfully is first, detoxifying your body/system of harmful toxins that had built up.

I’ve put together 2 detox options you can choose from and you’re guaranteed to lose at least 5kg with this plan if done as stated.